HERVE is a unique combination of expertise in Media Production, Project Management, Design, 3D technologies and Strategic Communication.

Damajuana Mezcaleria Bacalar Focused on fine handcrafted Mexican spirit Mezcal in Tulum.

Art collective of thirteen artists united towards an artistic biodiversity that propose life experiences through art experiments – visual art and performances

Pete The Monkey is an environmentally friendly festival, that has received the Greener Festival Award 2018, in response to efforts to create a festival in harmony with nature.

InC France-Mexico provides an alternative view of Mexican culture in its plurality through intercultural exchange projects. It builds its projects in collaboration with various actors in the cultural field in France and Mexico, both institutional and associative or independent.

Le POPUP! is a cultural place based on musical and culinary discovery, located in Paris. Since 2018, Le POPUP! is also a Gallery.

Solar Impulse Fondation

Solar Impulse is a Swiss long-range experimental solar-powered aircraft project, and also the name of the project’s two operational aircraft

Syracuse music label

Independant Music Label

Hotel Makaaba
Inspired by the beautiful lagoon of the seven colors, it gathers the best of the destination in a relaxed atmosphere in the heart of the Magical Town of Bacalar.
Japanese – Fusion Bar & Restaurant By the lagoon of Bacalar.
El Galeon Pirata
Independent Cultural Center and artistic projection platform for creation, expression and cultural convergence in the town of Bacalar.
Casa Eek Balaam
Hostel in Bacalar.
Digital agency fully dedicated to senrorial experience, exploring how best to use digital technology, customization and data to transform and improve the experience.