Artist Statement 

« I want to start from the origin, which is the folia, and take it to a wider space. I am interested in the transculturation of music: in this case, that of the Baroque era because it was the moment when the Spaniards arrived in our country and cultural fusion took place ».

Seven years ago, La Bruja manifested herself for the first time in the life of O, a classical musician. It happened during a ritual to Santa Muerte. He had gone to Texcoco in the company of a couple of conchero friends to perform Mexican songs. In this type of ceremony, dedicated to a saint, the armadillo shell ceases to be a shell and becomes the musical instrument that marks the rhythm of the offering.
La Bruja de Texcoco explores the fusion between rhythms ranging from pre-Hispanic to Novohispanic and traditional. It is a musical and performance project that is born by rejecting the toxic masculinity in Mexican music, appropriates it and leads it to develop in extravagant situations, full of femininity, huipiles, masks and sequins.