Artist Statement 

This Franco-Georgian woman, immersed in Russian and musical culture since she was very young, joined the Tbilisi Conservatory of Music at a very young age. She studied violin and piano, then began singing and drawing, and then trained in the fundamental teachings of classical painting. Her work quickly became part of a relationship with matter beyond the limits of a canvas frame, and she became interested in the human body as a medium of expression. She then plunges into the world of decorative arts and invests in walls, ceilings and spaces. The medium of expression becomes a medium of expansion, and the projects soon spread like living and inhabited sets. After a residency of several months in a castle in Switzerland, then in Giverny, Anna joined the École d’Art Mural de Versailles from which she graduated with honours in 2017. She then completed her training in gilding (a technique that opened up new dimensions of expression and fascination for her), with Florence ASEULT, Enlumineur de France.